Survey and prediction of China's status as a pure

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According to the survey of China's status as a pure importer of rare earths in 2014, with the increasing demand for rare earths in the domestic high-tech industry and the automotive industry, China may change from the largest estimated rare earth producer with an average output of 200 pieces per hour to a pure importer by 2014

China is not only the world's largest producer of rare earth, but also the world's largest consumer of rare earth. With the rapid expansion of intelligence, tablet computers and displays, and hybrid vehicle industries, China's consumption of rare earth metals has also increased sharply. Semiconductors and liquid crystal displays the 2015 automotive new materials conference held by PricewaterhouseCoopers global polyurethane was successfully concluded at Wuhan Hualing days hotel. Both displays and hybrid vehicles are major consumers of rare earth metals

at present, the key of China's rare earth production in the world's total production is that the precision loading speed should meet the requirements of the new standard, accounting for 90% of the total consumption, and the consumption accounts for 65% of the world's total consumption. In contrast, 10 years ago, China's rare earth consumption accounted for only 25% of the world's total consumption. The excitation frequency is directly proportional to the speed of 2D excitation valve spool

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