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The common errors and solutions of the pressure testing machine were briefly introduced to you. The survey of net profit doubling of half of China's power enterprises in 2013

the decline in coal prices and the increase in electricity prices made the power industry, once shrouded in the haze of losses, enter the recovery stage and become the biggest highlight of profit growth in 2012. Industry insiders believe that in the next three to five years, coal prices will remain stable and decline, and the entire power industry will continue the growth trend of 2012

as of March 31, 52 8 On the digital display, you can quickly turn the page to view the test data through the up and down keys. Among the A-share power listed companies, 24 have released their 2012 annual reports, with no loss, and 19 have achieved a year-on-year increase in net profit, with an increase of more than 100%. 13 of the world's first ultra deep-water double derrick semi submersible platform, "Blue Whale 1", have successfully tested combustible ice in the South China Sea, of which Huadian International, a subsidiary of Huadian Group, ranks first with an increase of 1690%

with the release of the annual report of Guodian power on the evening of March 29, the profitability of the flagship listed companies of the five major power generation groups in China has been released. According to the annual report of Guodian power, the company achieved an operating revenue of 5.58 billion yuan in 2012, an increase of 9.37% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 5.051 billion yuan, an increase of 38.46% over the same period last year

automotive materials have entered the aluminum period. "The fuel cost accounts for about 50% to 70% of the cost of thermal power plants. After the third quarter of last year, the coal price purchased by power plants began to decline significantly, including a year-on-year decrease of 164 yuan/ton in the fourth quarter." Chen Jingdong, Secretary of Guodian power, said in an interview with economic information daily

"affected by the continuous release of power coal production capacity, the sharp increase of imported coal and the adjustment of economic structure, the coal price is expected to fall steadily in 2013. From today's power coal price merger, the voice of power enterprises in the coal power game has increased. And the power demand market has also begun to pick up from January to February this year." Chen Jingdong believes that the power industry will enter the stage of recovery and growth in 2013

but it cannot be ignored that the power industry is still facing a series of risks, such as whether the relationship between coal and electricity prices can be straightened out, whether the denitration electricity price can be recovered in time, and the problems of wind power still exist. It is understood that up to now, the state has implemented four coal and electricity price linkage, but the increase in electricity price is far lower than that of coal price. From the perspective of the whole industry, some thermal power enterprises have not yet got rid of the loss situation

Guodian power said that according to the prediction of relevant national departments, the demand for electricity will continue to grow in 2013. Once the price of electricity and coal rises, whether and to what extent the coal and electricity price linkage mechanism can be implemented will become the biggest risk faced by power enterprises

in its annual report, Huayin power also pointed out that the ten-year power reform, the successive rise of coal prices, and the untimely, inadequate and even stagnant coal power linkage policies have resulted in huge losses of thermal power for many years. The loss of thermal power business for consecutive years has led to the rise of the company's debt ratio. However, the operating difficulties of thermal power enterprises in recent years have been well known by the new government and the media, and the next step of electricity price reform policy is worth looking forward to

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