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2012 instrument industry survey report

China's market reality and demand

in 2010, the import and export deficit of China's entire instrument industry continued to expand, hitting record highs one after another. Among them, analytical instruments are the major deficit, with imports of US $3.188 billion and exports of only US $709 million, with a deficit of US $2.479 billion, accounting for 17% of the deficit of the whole industry. Moreover, imported instruments have basically monopolized the high-end product market and expanded to middle and low-end products. On the one hand, China has a broad market prospect, while on the other hand, it is the reality of being monopolized by foreign products. This is the current situation of China's analytical instrument industry

in 2011, China's overall economic environment is constantly changing, and the development of the instrument industry is full of many uncertain factors. Statistics related to the machinery industry show that the output of analytical instruments in the instrument industry increased by 29.56% year-on-year from January to October, but the output has declined month by month in the past two months, 10.95 and 6.37 percentage points lower than that in August and September respectively. The testing machine grew rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of 40.66% from January to October. The growth rate of production and sales profit of scientific instruments industry is slightly slow, with exports accounting for half of the country, and the scale of production and sales has exceeded 200billion yuan for the first time; The import volume of scientific instruments increased by 31.9%, and the export volume increased by 12.0%. The import and export deficit expanded. Due to the fact that there are more than 90 general-purpose categories of plastics, China's economic situation in 2011 was complex and the international market demand was weak, but the demand for high-end instruments increased. In addition, the 12th Five year plan was launched. On the whole, the scientific instrument industry was in a steady state of development

demand market segmentation

terminal market segmentation

high end analytical instruments are just starting in China, and there is a big gap between sensitivity and stability and foreign well-known brands. In some domestic testing centers, most of the high-end analytical instruments are foreign well-known brands. The biggest problem of domestic products is poor stability. The testing task requires that the instruments and equipment must be well used and qualitative in industrial investment casting. Otherwise, it will lead to inconsistent test results before and after

the market demand of China's analytical instrument industry is great. The development of science, technology, economy and society constantly puts forward urgent requirements for scientific testing, analytical technology and instruments, but unfortunately, China's own brand analytical instruments can not meet the inspection and testing needs of the current market

the popularity of popular products in the machinery industry in February 2012

the prosperity of instrumentation products in the machinery industry from January to March 2012

due to the national investment in major equipment projects of scientific instruments and the support of industrialization policies, the enthusiasm of enterprises will increase in the next few years with the digital display of key speed regulation and experimental force displacement, but the obvious industrialization results of the industry will be effective in the middle and late period of the 12th Five Year Plan

in 2012, China's scientific instrument industry conservatively estimated that the year-on-year growth of production and sales would reach about 15%, and the year-on-year growth of import and export would be about 20%. The growth trend was medium to low

ranking list of hot products procurement in the machinery industry in the first quarter of 2012

revenue of domestic instrument and meter enterprises in the Department in fiscal year 2011

Listing pattern and prospects of instrument and meter enterprises

instrument and meter listed enterprises occupy a certain share in the whole listed company. According to preliminary statistics, there are 59 listed companies engaged in instrument manufacturing and service. Among them, 37 are mainly engaged in instrumentation, including 22 enterprises engaged in instrumentation business and industry intersection. There are 51 domestic listed companies, including 16 in Shanghai and 35 in Shenzhen, including 14 in the small and medium-sized board and 11 on the gem. Eight companies are listed overseas, including five in Hong Kong and three on NASDAQ. There are 19 IAS, 11 scientific instruments, 11 medical instruments, 10 special instruments and control, and 8 electricians and suppliers

as one of the hottest developments in the manufacturing industry in recent years, the instrument industry involves energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection, IOT, smart electricity, etc. It ushered in a new round of development opportunities. If many enterprises want to seize and expand the current development scale, they can speed up the development of enterprises through financing. Some powerful enterprises have reached the scale and are reluctant to go public. One reason is that they hope to take a ride through the introduction of a government policy. The other reason is that the current environment and other factors cannot meet the conditions for listing

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