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On the morning of September 20, we first visited Benxi Yujing Glass Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hebei Yingxin glass group. The company has four production lines, all of which produce white glass, more than half of which are for export, and the rest are sold locally. As the domestic glass production line is new and the cost is lower than that of foreign countries, the export has certain advantages, but it will also be subject to some anti-dumping lawsuits

in the last month, the glass price has increased by 30%, and the fuel cost has only increased by 5%, so the profit has increased significantly. Due to the good demand, the current order is scheduled to November, and it is expected that the glass market will not change much before the Spring Festival next year

at present, the selling price of the company's products is 1600 yuan/ton, and the cost of transporting Shahe area to Shenyang area is 200 yuan/ton. Because the price of Shahe area is 1320 yuan/ton, some goods in Shahe area are transported to Shenyang area for sale, and generally the company will appropriately increase local sales

in the afternoon, we came to Benxi Zhishan tempered Technology Glass Co., Ltd. nearby. It was registered in April 2014 and trial produced in October. The original glass chips processed by the company mainly came from Benxi Yujing Glass Co., Ltd. At present, the company has 1 set of automatic cutting machine, 2 sets of manual cutting machines, another tempering furnace, 7 sets of edging system and 2 glue mixing production lines

general manager Li of the company believes that deep processing enterprises in Northeast China started late, with poor foundation and scattered main bodies. The company has a research and development center, which is in a leading position in Northeast China. The company adopts 100% full pricing for workers, and the remuneration of employees is higher than that of peers

for demand, President Li believes that the glass demand in Northeast China is 1. 300million square meters, most of which are in Liaoning, and there is also a part of demand in eastern Mongolia. In the later stage, the number of glass for home decoration is expected to increase, and the company will compress the proportion of pure architectural glass. The cost of the company has certain advantages. The utilization rate of the original piece of tempered glass of the company reaches 92%. The glass processing cost is mainly the labor cost, and the labor cost of one square meter is about 5 yuan

glass spot survey in North China

on September 21, we came to Qian'an from Shenyang. On the morning of September 22, we came to Hebei Mingying Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. for a visit. The subsidiary Hebei run'an building materials company has two 700 ton float glass production lines, with an annual production capacity of 9 million heavy boxes, which was ignited in 2010. The subsidiary Hebei mingrunda energy saving materials Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the deep processing of glass raw sheets. At present, it has a 10000 square meter Low-E insulating glass production line, two tempering furnaces, and a sandwich production line. After August next year, the company will digest 700 tons of glass flakes and export more than 200 tons

Mr. sang believes that the actual demand is still very good at present. The order was placed one and a half months later, and the order in the same period last year was less than 20 days. Inventory is also at a low level. At present, there are only more than 200000 weight boxes, compared with more than 500000 weight boxes in the same period last year

the freight increase has little impact on the company, because the company has a transportation team, and short-distance transportation is mainly used, and the freight of other enterprises will increase by 30%. Our products are mainly sold to Beijing, Tianjin and Qinhuangdao. In terms of environmental protection, the company has desulfurization and denitration equipment, and the environmental protection cost is 3 yuan per weight box

On the afternoon of September 22, we visited Hebei Qian'an Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd., which has a 500 ton float glass production line, of which Low-E coated glass accounts for 70%. The person in charge of the company believes that after the fierce competition in the previous two years, many production lines have been forced to use Hall displacement sensors for a long time. Its measurement principle is to keep the encouraged current of Hall components (see semiconductor magnetic sensors) unchanged. At present, the supply and demand pattern of glass is relatively ideal

On the morning of the 23rd, we came to the last glass enterprise, Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd., which has a history of 94 years. At present, the company has four production lines, two production lines in the north. At present, it produces tea glass and Ford blue glass, and two production lines in Qinhuangdao produce white glass. The daily melting capacity is 500 and 600 tons respectively, which can complete the pressure testing of C10, C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50, C55, C60, C65, C70, C75, C80, C85, C90, C95, C95, c10019 grade concrete

general manager Cao of the sales department believes that the good real estate market this year has boosted the demand of the glass market, leading to a sharp rise in glass prices. At present, the glass price in the south is more than 200 yuan/ton higher than that in the north. Due to the high price difference, the glass price in the South has declined recently, and the glass market price in the later period may remain stable

the freight rate has increased recently, and the company's inventory has increased due to the impact of transportation. As for the freight, Mr. Sun of the information department believes that the increased freight in the future will be borne by both the buyer and the seller

the sales situation of different colors of glass in the company is different. Generally, orders are arranged once a week. 80% of tea glass is used for export, 90% of dark gray glass is used for export, and only 20% of white glass is used for export. In recent years, the export volume of glass has continued to increase, mainly sold to developing countries. In general, the price of colored glass is higher than that of white glass, but the production and sales rate of white glass is high and the price elasticity is large. With the sharp rise in the price of white glass, a domestic production line changed to produce white glass in the early stage

conclusion of glass spot investigation

at present, the supply and demand situation of the glass market in Northeast China is relatively ideal, and the export volume of enterprises continues to increase, mainly because the domestic glass production line is new and the cost is low. Although the price difference of glass in Northeast China and Shahe region is too large, and some Shahe resources flow into northeast China and enter the region in the second half of 2017, enterprises can significantly recover the sales proportion by increasing the orders of local extruder enterprises, and take the initiative to reduce prices to regain the market. Generally, the glass downstream enterprises in Northeast China will rest for three months in winter. This year, the enterprise inventory is lower than that in previous years, so the price in Northeast China is expected to remain strong until the end of November

the glass market in northern North China has risen steadily. After the implementation of the new transportation regulations, the glass transportation cost has increased by nearly 30%, which has a certain negative impact on Shahe region. As the peak season is more than half and ignition takes one month, the number of new glass production capacity in the later stage will decline significantly. Except for the 1000 ton ignition kiln of Shahe Dejin sixth line, there should be no new production lines in North China, and many production lines that have not been cold repaired for several years will arrange cold repair according to the market situation. Therefore, if the glass price callback in the fourth quarter, the glass supply may decline slightly. The growth rate of the completed area of real estate is at a high level, which significantly drives the demand for glass. The glass used for decoration in the later stage is also expected to increase, offsetting the impact of the decline in the completed area. Therefore, the demand for glass in the fourth quarter may remain high. Coupled with the current low inventory of enterprises, the glass price in the fourth quarter is still expected to rise slightly

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