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There are 41 on-site orders signed. CIMC Lingyu can change the moving speed of the crossbeam. Yushiny Southern Oil City

on-site orders signed 41. CIMC Lingyu shiny Southern Oil City

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Maoming is located in the Southwest of Guangdong Province, located on the coast of the South China Sea, nearly 2000 kilometers away from Luoyang. Maoming is a city with relatively developed agricultural economy in the province. Litchi, banana, longan and other "Lingnan good fruits" are well-known at home and abroad, and it is a fruit production base in China; Aquaculture is famous as the "tilapia capital of China"... But as a coastal city close to the tropics, it is not surprising that it is called "southern oil city"! Because Maoming is also the largest petrochemical base in South China, an important petrochemical production and export base in South China and an energy base in Guangdong Province

on September 19, "CIMC Lingyu liquid tanker Maoming appreciation meeting" was grandly opened in Maoming high-grade hotel. CIMC Lingyu, together with GAC Hino, BPW axle and Maoming Honghui Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. It is reported that the originally planned meeting of 200 people actually reached more than 240 people, making it the largest event in Maoming dangerous chemicals transportation industry in recent years

Wu tuxin, chairman of Maoming chamber of Commerce for private enterprises, Hu Jiangsheng, leader of Maoming dangerous goods transportation industry association, deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu marketing company, Chen Zhiwei, general manager of Maoming Honghui, GAC Hino and relevant leaders of BPW axle attended the meeting; More than 240 users from the hazardous chemicals transportation industry in and around Maoming attended the meeting. The scale of the meeting and the number of attendees are the largest in Maoming's dangerous chemical industry in decades

the meeting officially began at 17:00 p.m. first, President Wu tuxin spoke. President Wu first thanked CIMC Lingyu and other enterprises for providing a common communication platform. 3.4 use scanning electron microscopy to detect and analyze a number of high-quality and high reliability products. President Wu said: in recent years, major accidents have occurred frequently in the hazardous chemicals industry, and the national requirements for the hazardous chemicals transportation industry are becoming more and more strict. Standard loading and lightweight operation are the only way for enterprises in the future, and safe and standardized operation is the guarantee for the development and growth of enterprises. I hope that when choosing tank cars, you should choose high-quality tank cars, which will be more reliable and more guaranteed for operation! Then, Hu Jiangsheng, deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu marketing company, communicated and shared with CIMC group, CIMC Lingyu and Lingyu liquid tanker products. As for products, President Hu emphasized three points in particular:

chairman of Maoming chamber of Commerce for private enterprises Wu tuxin

the central laboratory, quality inspection department, production site and construction site of engineering projects of CIMC Ling enterprises will also be gradually used by the experimental machinery marketing company deputy general manager Hu Jiangsheng

1. Lighter weight and greater load quality: it can bring sustained economic benefits to users

2. Higher safety: ensure the safe transportation, long-term development of transportation companies and the personal safety of drivers and passengers

3. High end products, people-friendly prices

At the end of the report, President Hu cordially invited the elites of Maoming's dangerous chemicals industry to travel to Luoyang, the Millennium capital and Peony Flower City, and to visit CIMC Lingyu factory

subsequently, the leaders of GAC Hino and BPW axle companies also made product introductions, and the products of strong strong combination were recognized by the on-site guests

after the product introduction, a grand on-site order placing ceremony was held. Chen Zhiwei, general manager of Maoming Honghui company, announced on the spot: in order to thank Maoming users for their love, the manufacturer will share profits with him. For users who place orders on site, each vehicle will be reduced by 10000 yuan! The on-site order time is only 20 minutes, and the preferential policy takes effect after being signed by the head office of CIMC Lingyu and Hu Jiangsheng

As soon as the policy of chenzhiwei, general manager of Maoming Honghui, was announced, the whole venue was immediately boiling. China generated 40.06 billion express business units. Excellent products and unprecedented discounts made many bosses unable to contain their excitement and placed orders on the stage one after another. In just 20 minutes, the number of orders reached 41, exceeding our expectations. Due to the short time, some users want to place an order, but they don't make up their minds within the specified time; At the suggestion of Chairman Wu tuxin, CIMC Lingyu announced on the spot that on-site customers can still enjoy a discount of 8000 yuan per vehicle if they place an order before the end of September

with wonderful performances, the thank you dinner ended in a warm and cheerful atmosphere, with good wine and delicious food, drinking and preparation, sharing friendship, drinking and having fun...

the successful holding of this thank you meeting also shows the acceptance of CIMC Lingyu's high-end liquid tanker products in the local market. However, our purpose is not only to recommend several high-quality and cost-effective products, but also to work with industry leaders to publicize and implement the importance of safe production, standardized management and legal operation under the increasingly standardized environment of the national hazardous chemical transportation industry

in the future, CIMC Lingyu, GAC Hino and BPW vehicle bridges will work with local transportation enterprises to provide a strong guarantee for the healthy, rapid and vigorous development of Maoming dangerous goods transportation industry! Make the transportation of dangerous goods safer, more professional, more economical and more efficient

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