Beijing will implement step tariff, and the demand

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It is reported that Beijing has purchased 1million smart meters in order to implement the step price, and will continue to purchase smart meters in the later implementation of the step price. In the near future, the step tariff in Beijing will be implemented

after arriving at FM, hanxiaoping, chief information officer of China energy, said that at present, Zhejiang Province has been implementing stepped electricity prices. The electricity prices are divided into three gradients, the difference between the first gradient and the second gradient is 2 cents, and the difference between the second gradient and the third gradient is 10 cents. It is expected that the step electricity price in Beijing will refer to the scheme of Zhejiang Province. The first gradient electricity price will remain unchanged, and the second and third gradients will increase the electricity price respectively on a certain electricity consumption limit. However, at present, there is no accurate information about the electricity quota and price of each gradient after excluding the impact of exchange losses (excluding taxes) from operating and financing activities

will cause the main cost to be too high. As early as October 2010, the national development and Reform Commission proposed to implement the residential electricity ladder. We hope to transform 3D printing from small batch production to large-scale industrial production electricity price. At that time, the public was most concerned about whether the first step electricity price would be lower than the existing electricity price, but because the step electricity price was not implemented, this problem was not solved. In this regard, Han Xiaoping said that it is unlikely that the first gradient electricity price will be reduced in this step electricity price scheme. However, he also said that after the introduction of stepped electricity prices, it is still conducive to adjusting the electricity price structure of residents, and the high stepped electricity prices are bound to make residents choose to save electricity to a certain extent

zouxuyuan, an analyst of the power industry of galaxy securities, said in an interview that the stepped electricity price will be promoted nationwide. The main manufacturers of smart meters such as relay (), Samsung electric (), and smart substation equipment manufacturers Guodian Nanrui (), Guodian Nanzi (), will benefit from the introduction of this policy

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