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September 28 rubber daily review: the market atmosphere was panic, and Shanghai Rubber reduced its positions down

on September 28, Shanghai natural rubber futures fell sharply, and the main 1001 contract opened low and went down sharply, reducing its positions and shrinking volume. 1001 contract opened at 16975 yuan/ton and closed at 16475 yuan/ton, down 425 yuan/ton from the settlement price on September 25. The trading volume was 692330 hands and the position was 107850 hands

in terms of the market trend, 1001, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao stock exchange, opened slightly higher and was very volatile. It reduced its positions and fell at 10:00, the lowest level since July 20. There is still a certain distance from the 60 week average support below the weekly level, and there is still room for short-term decline. However, the RSI index at the daily level shows that the current price has entered the oversold range, and the risk of short-term short-term short-term chasing is high

domestic spot supply and demand: the Ministry of industry and information technology reported on September 27 that due to the decline in imports in August, the growth of new resources in the market slowed down compared with July, and the domestic rubber consumption demand continued to rise. In addition, the global natural rubber supply was not sufficient as a whole, and the natural rubber price rose significantly. According to preliminary statistics and estimates, 620500 tons of new rubber resources were added in August, a decrease of 4.8% over July and an increase of 10.8% over the same period in 2008. Among them, natural rubber resources increased by 240000 tons, the same as that in the same period in 2008; Synthetic rubber added 380500 tons of resources, an increase of 18.9% over the same period in 2008. It is preliminarily estimated that the domestic natural rubber production in August was about 90000 tons, basically the same as that in the same period of 2008. The total output of natural rubber in China in January was about 350000 tons, an increase of 12.9% over the same period in 2008. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, the output of synthetic rubber in August was 246000 tons, an increase of 4.2% over July and 15.5% over the same period in 2008. In January, the cumulative output of synthetic rubber was 1.781 million tons, an increase of 4.2% over the same period in 2008. In August, imports brought 284500 tons of disruptive innovative rubber, a decrease of 14.0% over July, an increase of 1% over the same period in 2008, and the lowest 0.7% among engineering plastics. In August, the import of various types of rubber was 2.0176 million tons, an increase of 2.4% over the same period of 8 years to build a comprehensive shipping Experimental Zone for Southeast Asia. In August, the automobile industry and tire industry, which are closely related to rubber consumption, developed well, the output growth accelerated, and the domestic rubber consumption increased. It is estimated that the consumption of various types of rubber in August was about 580000 tons, an increase from July

weather conditions, natural rubber production area in Thailand, cloudy in North Central Thailand and cloudy in South Thailand; The natural rubber production area in Malaysia, the southern part of the Malay Peninsula is cloudy, and the northern part of Kalimantan island is cloudy; The Tianjiao producing area in Indonesia is cloudy north of the equator of Sumatra island, cloudy south of the equator of Sumatra island, and cloudy south of Kalimantan island; It rains heavily in Hainan, a natural rubber producing area in China, and it is cloudy in Yunnan. Hainan's supply has been affected in recent days, and a new tropical storm is approaching. The maximum wind force near the center of No. 16 tropical storm "Ketsana" is force 11, moving west by North at a speed of about 15 kilometers per hour, gradually approaching the southern coast of Hainan, and the intensity continues to strengthen. It will pass through the southern coast of Hainan from noon on the 29th to noon on the 30th, close to the southern coast of Vietnam, and may also wipe over the southern coast of Hainan. Affected by the "kaisana" and its surrounding cloud system, there are heavy rains in the southern coast of Zhejiang, the northern coast and southeast coast of Fujian, the eastern part of Taiwan, most of the coast of Guangdong, most of Hainan, the central coast of Guangdong and most of the Middle East of Hainan, and some areas in the eastern part of Hainan. "Kaisana" may also affect the weather in Thailand and Vietnam, causing major obstacles to the production and transportation in the production area, which will support the price of natural rubber

in other aspects, the major central banks in the world announced on Thursday that they would reduce the US dollar funds injected into the banking system as the financial markets gradually stabilized. The Federal Reserve said it would reduce the scale of short-term capital auctions from the beginning of 2010. The European Central Bank, the Swiss central bank and the Bank of England also announced that they would tighten the pace of injecting dollar liquidity into the financial system. These actions suggest that countries have begun to gradually withdraw additional stimulus measures. The contraction of liquidity may cause market vigilance, which is not conducive to commodity prices

to sum up, from the perspective of supply and demand, the price of rubber has the potential to rise, and it has a certain price to ensure that static electricity will not cause damage to the instrument; However, from the perspective of the disk situation of Japanese rubber and Shanghai rubber, the sharp reduction of positions fell, the panic selling of bulls was more serious, the current price was more strongly controlled by funds, and the market also reflected a certain overall short line, and all varieties could not escape the downward trend. On the whole, the weakness of Shanghai Jiao is difficult to change, but the risk of short-term short-term chasing is large, so we should mainly wait and see before the festival

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