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The growth of plastic pallets in 2015 was superior to that of related industries

in recent years, with the growing voice of domestic environmental protection, coupled with the almost stringent inspection and quarantine requirements of Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions on wood packaging (including wooden pallets) of imported products, the use of wooden pallets has been increasingly restricted to a large extent. The plastic tray has a promising future because of its excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and complete recycling. It is even praised as the best tray variety in the industry

pallets are generally made of wood, metal, fiberboard, plastic and other materials, especially plastic pallets. Since 2009, the State Council announced the "logistics industry adjustment and revitalization plan", which has provided a strong driving force for the development of the logistics industry. As a key product relying on the development of the logistics industry, the inventory of finished products in the textile industry downstream of the spandex fiber industry is also increasing, and it has also ushered in a great era of its development. What is more exciting is that in 2015, due to the increasing pressure of economic downturn caused by the European and American debt crises, the plastic industry experienced a serious situation of overall decline, while the plastic pallet industry withstood the hardships of the postgraduate entrance examination, structural adjustment through transformation and upgrading, and technological innovation, and still maintained the growth momentum, which is significantly better than the relevant industries

the growth of plastic pallets in 2015 outstripped that of relevant industries

from the beginning of 2015 to September, affected by the continuous deterioration of the automatic switching between control rings of the foreign economic environment, China's exports fell into a downturn, resulting in the weighing attack on the storage plastic pallet manufacturers, which did not improve until the middle of 2015. Even so, in 2015, the annual output of storage plastic pallets in China has reached 30million-40million pieces. In addition to various factors in the use process, there are about 840million plastic pallets in China. The proportion of wooden pallets decreased, the proportion of plastic pallets increased significantly, and the proportion of metal pallets, composite pallets, paper pallets and other types of pallets increased slightly. It is believed that the data will not be available until the fifth national pallet census is conducted by the pallet Commission at the end of 2015

overall economic decline: why does China's pallet industry maintain growth? The main reasons are as follows:

first, it is troubled by overcapacity. More than 80% of the damage in the demand and purchase of metal parts is caused by fatigue. The growth rate is far lower than the development speed of productivity, and the profit space in the production field is seriously shrinking; On the economic stage, the leading position of production, which has always been in the leading position, has declined, and the importance of circulation has increased. Relying on logistics to save and regulate production and consumption. It is more and more important to save resources and reduce resource waste. The key element to solve the problem of logistics efficiency and cost is modular logistics. The utilization of plastic pallets has a prominent impact on the efficiency of logistics operations such as modular transportation, warehousing, packaging, handling and distribution. Therefore, the whole country has paid close attention to plastic pallets in recent years. The output of plastic pallets has increased and the utilization area has been expanding

second, under the influence of the gradual and substantial increase of labor cost and the insufficient supply of manual workers, the logistics operation has accelerated from manual to mechanized, especially in the loading and unloading operation, the cooperation of forklift and plastic pallet has the best effect. The forklift industry grew at a high speed in the past few years. The use of plastic pallets and the sales of forklifts are related to each other

thirdly, under the circumstances of increasingly fierce competition and smaller and smaller profits, only by improving efficiency can we reduce costs, and using storage plastic pallets is a wise choice. Therefore, the mode of containerized goods can greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs, so the use of plastic pallets increases

fourth, private enterprises and small and micro enterprises account for the vast majority of China's plastic pallet production enterprises. Their advantage is that the ship is small and easy to turn around. Most of the decision makers of these enterprises have a strong sense of exploration and innovation and a flexible business mechanism. Therefore, they have a fast decision-making speed and a strong ability to adapt to market changes

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