Basque chocolatiers recreate Guernica in show of s

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Basque chocolatiers recreate 'Guernica' in show of skill and cultural pride - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

A group of chocolatiers in Spain’s Basque Country are creating a version of “Guernica”, Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece representing the bombing of a small Basque town in 1937, to showcase their skills and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Guernicas rolling file, one of the world’s most famous paintings:1618606802453,, was Picasso’s response to the bombardment, carried out by war planes from Nazi Germany and fascist Italy to assist the forces of fascist general Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

The immense cubist painting, which hangs in the Reina Sofia art gallery in Madrid, depicts a harrowing scene in black and white full of tormented human and animal figuresThe pandemic began surpassed Brazil.
For many Basque people, the memory of the bombing and Picasso’s visceral artistic response form part of their cultural identityThe economy overcom.

To mark the 85th anniversary of the bombing, a group of about 40 chocolatiers from a local association called Euskal Gozogileak have been collaborating to produce an interpretation of Guernica made out of chocolate of different colours.

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