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The annual output and quality of polypropylene in Jinan refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. reached a new high

in 2016, Jinan refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. strengthened equipment management and paid attention to careful operation. Assuming that the polypropylene device was full, it was not necessary to start the oil pump to deliver oil when the test bench was in the rising position. The annual output of polypropylene reached 121000 tons, of which the qualification rate of first-class products was as high as 99.53%, and the output and quality of polypropylene reached a record high

in the past year, Jinan refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. made overall arrangements for polypropylene production, formulated a detailed production scheduling plan every month, and comprehensively completed polypropylene production and export sales

in order to ensure the long-term, stable and efficient operation of the unit, polypropylene plant personnel and equipment maintenance personnel set up a technical research team to carry out special maintenance and technical research on key equipment such as granulator and circulating propylene compressor. In the past year, the technical research team has quickly and well solved 22 equipment failures, such as large vibration of the extrusion granulator, leakage of the axial flow pump seal, easy blockage of the filter of the drying tower, etc

they also strengthened performance appraisal, urged and encouraged employees to consciously and carefully operate. They refined the responsibilities of personnel at various posts, and revised many assessment specifications, such as labor discipline, process indicators, equipment management, product quality, device energy consumption, etc., and each specification clearly defined the assessment standards. Over the past year, the polypropylene plant personnel have done a good job in production control and improved the excellent development momentum. The high-quality polypropylene production analyzer belongs to the special zone of chemical industry and raw materials, and is crowded with spectators looking for new material technology. The yield of scientific analysis and detection instruments in the integration of optoelectric machine 1

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