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Polypropylene market fell across the board

in this period, the PP market was affected by the sharp decline in the price of propylene monomer. The PP market in the Asian market continued to fall, with the decline in the Far East of $25/ton and the decline in Southeast Asia of $25/ton. The latest mainstream price: homopolymer injection PP in USD/ton (CFR Far East), USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia); IPP film material is in USD/ton (CFR Far East), USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia); BOPP is in USD/ton (CFR Far East), USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia); Block copolymerization is in USD/ton (CFR Far East), USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). On Thursday, the price of propylene monomer fell sharply by $90/ton in USD/ton (CFR China) and $80/ton in USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia)

the market fell in an all-round way, and homopolymer general material fell relatively significantly. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation of homopolymer wire drawing/plastic injection was at yuan, with the low-end falling by 250 yuan and the high-end falling by 200 yuan. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical T30S is 13750 yuan, down 200 yuan, Zhongyuan ethylene T30S is 13400 yuan, down 200 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical T30S is 13350 yuan, down 300 yuan, Zhenhai Refining and chemical T30S is 13400 yuan, down 200 yuan, Shanghai Secco S1003 is 13550 yuan, down 20 can reduce the fire risk by 0 yuan, Panjin Ethylene F401 is 13550 yuan, down 150 yuan, Yangzi Petrochemical F401 is 13800 yuan, down 200 yuan, s1004 is 13500 yuan, down 200 yuan, India Xincheng h030sg is 13700 yuan. Domestic copolymers fell by 50 yuan at the low end and 100 yuan at the high end of gb/t 17640 (1) 998 geosynthetics filament woven geotextiles. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical m700r was 13750 yuan, down 150 yuan, m180r was 13900 yuan, down 200 yuan. Yangzi Petrochemical j340 was 13750 yuan, down 50 yuan, K8003 was 13900 yuan, down 100 yuan. Yanshan Petrochemical k8303 was 14300 yuan, down 200 yuan, k7726 was 14500 yuan, down 100 yuan. Imported copolymers fell by 250 yuan at the low end of yuan. Among them, Hyundai M1600 in South Korea was 14500 yuan, Samsung hj730 in South Korea was 15200 yuan, ay564 in Singapore was 15400 yuan, SK b380g in South Korea was 14200 yuan, down 200 yuan, and shincheng h110ma in India was 13650 yuan, down 250 yuan. Monofilament powder was 12750 yuan, down 250 yuan

prediction: the sharp decline in propylene monomer price has suppressed the market mentality. The price reduction of petrochemical enterprises has made some market participants bearish about the future market. Not only the actual transaction volume has shrunk, but also the inquiry has been significantly reduced. Traders have suspended purchasing to cover positions and observed the market trend. Downstream factories continued to wait and see, expecting lower prices, and the market atmosphere was relatively depressed. However, the small number of merchants and the small total amount of social resources still play a certain supporting role in the market. Looking at the future trend, the trend of crude oil and propylene monomers and Sinopec's price policy have become the focus of attention of businesses. In the case of poor transactions, it is expected that the short-term market situation of polypropylene market will fluctuate and decline, with limited space

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