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Evaluation and analysis of the trend of high-end soft pack cigarettes (3)

2. The cost advantage of mutual benefit and win-win

the cost of soft pack cigarettes can be divided into direct and indirect. The direct cost is mainly the cost of tobacco leaf and the cost of main materials. Generally, it accounts for 80% - 85% of the total cost; Indirect costs include fuel and power, direct labor and manufacturing costs, which generally account for only 15% - 20% of the total cost. 1 generally, the manufacturer should be invited to after-sales door-to-door maintenance. The most influential is the direct cost. The cost of tobacco leaf and packaging materials accounts for about 80%, and the other 20% is filter rod, paper tray, tipping paper, white glue, etc

in recent years, famous and high-quality cigarettes have competed with each other in terms of raw materials and packaging, in addition to conventional dispensing. Statistics show that the average direct cost of a single case of first-class cigarettes nationwide in 2004 reached 4147 yuan, of which the packaging cost was 1130.45 yuan, accounting for about 30% of the direct cost of a single case of cigarettes, and some brands even exceeded 50%. The result is an invisible increase in the production cost of enterprises and a reduction in competitiveness. Because of this, the cost adjustment range of soft pack cigarettes has been increased in the design, and the processing cost of products has been greatly reduced by reducing the cost of packaging materials. We can squeeze out more than 1/3 of the original expenditure deliberately spent on hard packs, increase the improvement of the internal quality and appearance design of cigarettes, and truly "use good steel on the blade". The other two thirds are used to increase the vested interests of production enterprises, tobacco companies and retail customers. The allocation price, wholesale price and retail price shall be reasonably determined according to the comprehensive factors of soft pack cigarettes, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties and finally achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

3. Environmental protection characteristics of cigarette materials

in recent years, cigarette packaging in China has developed greatly, and the packaging of some products has far exceeded the packaging level of some famous international brands. But at the same time, non degradable aluminum foil paper, gold and silver composite paperboard, mirror composite paper, packaging film, polypropylene fiber, stay wire and other non environmental protection materials are increasingly used. Therefore, it is imperative for the industry to promote "green packaging" and "green cigarettes", and the optimization of packaging materials makes soft pack cigarettes have stronger advantages in this regard. In particular, the emergence of new packaging materials characterized by easy degradation, high anti-counterfeiting, low cost and environmental protection has added new buying points for manufacturers' products. It is reported that last year, Changde cigarette factory has carried out work around the two themes of reducing costs and enhancing the environmental protection of packaging. At present, all cigarette packaging of Changde cigarette has been changed to biodegradable environmental protection materials, and non environmental protection inks containing benzene, lead and other harmful substances are no longer used

III. enlightenment from the development of soft pack cigarettes

the local strengthening of high-end soft pack cigarettes will not shake the mainstream market of hard pack cigarettes. How the phenomenon of high-end soft pack cigarettes will develop in the future and how long it will last remains to be further observed. The analysis of this phenomenon is mainly to arouse our enlightenment on brand cultivation, brand promotion and brand competition through the development of soft pack cigarettes:

1. Differentiated innovation - new ideas for brand cultivation

at present, due to the openness and timeliness of technology, personnel and information of various factories, the phenomenon of product homogenization is becoming more and more serious, especially in the field of fast-moving consumer goods such as tobacco. It can even be said that cigarette homogenization has become the biggest challenge that every enterprise faces in the research and development of new products, because product homogenization makes the functional differences between cigarette products converge, and the competition becomes very cruel and realistic. Breaking through the Convention and innovating differently has become a direction

in brand cultivation, "hard package" becomes "soft package", which itself is a difference and an innovation. This differentiated innovation is the best weapon to deal with cigarette homogenization. This enlightens us to highlight the differences in consumer behavior and show the charm of development and innovation in the research and development of new products. We should not only be able to find useful differences in the development of complex market information, but also have an innovative side, and we must not follow suit. We should not only look at the differences in style, materials, anti-counterfeiting and cost on the packaging, but also pay attention to the differences in product quality, formula, product name and the main added value of the following actions in individual regions of the coke market with culture, etc

at present, it is necessary to take the market as the guide, adjust the flavor absorption style of products in time, open up another oblique path, and highlight their own unique style. Facts have proved that if you want to become a challenger from a follower and then a leader, you must show your "business card" and highlight your own characteristics. Only when products can be perceived as unique by consumers can our products have competitive advantages and enterprises have differentiation advantages. Keeping this difference in the competition is an extremely effective strategy for enterprises or brands to maintain market position and obtain a good rate of return

2. Cultural characteristics - a new highlight of brand improvement

at present, cigarette consumption has gradually changed from primary material consumption to spiritual consumption. "Smoking is eating culture" has been recognized by many consumers, especially in the high-end cigarette market. With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers now pay more attention to their own health and a natural and elegant taste of life while smoking. Consumers have changed from demanding high concentration and strong stimulation of physiological satisfaction to demanding a high level of comfortable and quiet spiritual enjoyment. They pay more attention to the cultural connotation of the brand, and it seems that a new high-end cigarette market of "what kind of cigarette people smoke, what kind of cigarette" has begun to form

this reminds us that we should be good at studying consumers' consumption psychology and changing consumption behavior, looking for market development vacancies, and highlighting cultural design. In the development of new products, we can't just be limited to the price vacancy. The characteristic design space in cultural connotation is larger. We should try to make soft pack cigarettes carry more super material things, that is, improve the addition of product culture to meet people's spiritual needs. In order to enhance the intangible value of the brand. This puts forward higher requirements for brand design and brand operation. There is only one purpose. Through the meticulous carving of designers, the humble soft pack cigarettes glow with a unique spiritual style, reflect the cultural color of cigarette development, and make the characteristics of high-end soft pack cigarettes a new highlight

3. Low cost strategy - new advantages of brand competition

so far, brand and market are very important in enterprise competition. Look at what we want in the market, and then see what we can provide, whether we can provide good quality and low price things, so as to make products enter the market in the most economical way, improve competitiveness, and expand market share. Self adhesive polymer modified asphalt polyester tire waterproof coiled material jc898 ⑵ 002. This is to make the products have the advantage of low cost, which is reflected in soft pack cigarettes

the cost should be calculated backwards to reflect the low cost. That is, predict the market price first, calculate the wholesale price of the tobacco company, and calculate the factory transfer price according to the company's wholesale and retail difference rate. Based on the transfer price, exclude the cost sharing amount during the period, predict the production cost, determine the direct cost according to the average proportion of 80%, and determine the tobacco leaf cost and packaging material cost of soft packs. This is the key. We should not only ensure the original design principle of the product, but also make necessary adjustments to its cost, so that the cost performance of the product tends to be the best, and finally determine the cigarette cost. (source: tobacco)

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