The hottest polypropylene market continued to decl

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Polypropylene market continues to decline slightly

pp: the Asian market continues to decline, with a slight decrease. The latest mainstream quotation: homopolymer injection molded PP fell by $20/ton in USD/ton (CFR Far East), and $12.5/ton in USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). IPP film material is in USD/ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia). The Far East fell $20/ton and Southeast Asia fell $25/ton. BOPP fell $15/ton in USD/ton (CFR Far East), and $12.5/ton in USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). Block copolymerization fell by $7.5 per ton in USD/ton (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia). On Thursday, the price of propylene monomer fell by $30/ton in USD/ton (CFR China) and $35/ton in USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia)

domestic polypropylene (PP), the market fell. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation of homopolymer wire drawing/plastic injection was at yuan, with the low-end down 350 yuan and the high-end down 200 yuan. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical T30S was 12800 yuan, down 500 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical T30S was 12900 yuan, down 150 yuan, Zhenhai Refining and chemical T30S was 126503, control system maintenance: regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact, down 350 yuan, Shanghai Secco S10 increased 87.21% year-on-year, 03 was 12900 yuan, down 100 yuan. Panjin Ethylene F401 was 12950 yuan, down 25. Eliminating content duplication or theme duplication is an important task during page processing. 0 yuan, Yangzi Petrochemical F401 was 13100 yuan, down 100 yuan, s1004 was 12800 yuan, down 200 yuan, and India Xincheng h030sg was 12800 yuan, down 300 yuan. Domestic copolymers rose by 50 yuan at the low end and fell by 50 yuan at the high end. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical m700r was 13750 yuan, with an increase of 150 yuan. Yangzi Petrochemical j340 is 13450 yuan, up 50 yuan, K8003 is 13900 yuan, up 100 yuan. Yanshan Petrochemical k8303 is 13850 yuan, k7726 is 14150 yuan, down 50 yuan. The imported copolymer is at RMB, and the low-end rises by 50 yuan. Among them, Korean Hyundai M1600 is 14500 yuan, with an increase of 100 yuan, Korean Samsung hj730 is 15200 yuan, Korean sk b380g is 14100 yuan, and India Xincheng h110ma is 13350 yuan, with an increase of 50 yuan. Monofilament powder fell by 100 yuan at 11900 yuan

In the later stage, the operation of steel mills may be more cautious

at present, although the market demand is slightly high, the transaction has improved, and after the active sales of most merchants, the market resources are not much, and some are often out of gear. However, due to the temporary dominance of bad news, the market is difficult to improve. The key is the increase of social resources: the main reasons are that the new production capacity has begun to be listed, the transaction price of the external market has continued to fall, and the import source has been pouring in in in batches; Secondly, social resources are mostly concentrated in petrochemical enterprises, and inventory pressure has increased significantly. Although the quotations of PetroChina regions and Sinopec branches are stable, there is a possibility of reduction. In this regard, traders are pessimistic and dare not build libraries. Most downstream factories are bearish in the aftermarket. Except for cash purchase, they basically do not receive more goods, which has formed a greater sales pressure on suppliers. It is expected that the polypropylene market in the near future may fall, with a limited range

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