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Polypropylene flat yarn woven geotextile has passed the appraisal

recently, the product of "high strength and low elongation polypropylene flat yarn woven geotextile" developed by Yizheng Chemical fiber company has passed the technical appraisal of Sinopec Group. The experts agreed that this technology filled the gap of China's high-strength and low elongation flat yarn woven products, and the technology reached the domestic leading level. It is expected to reach 85000 tons in the 1990s. Polypropylene flat yarn woven geotextile has the advantages of low price and high strength, and is widely used in infrastructure construction such as roads, railways, airports and water conservancy projects. To this end, yizhenghua automatic fiber company, Yangzi Petrochemical Company and China Textile Research Institute jointly tackle key problems on polypropylene raw materials, flat filament production process, weaving production process and other topics, and successfully developed the "high strength and low elongation polypropylene flat filament woven geotextile". Its tensile strength is increased by more than 20%, the elongation at break is reduced by about 20%, and it has the characteristics of good softness and similar longitude and latitude strength, The application scope of flat wire woven geotextile is expanded. At present, the first batch of products have been successfully produced. The use of users shows that the products have good integrity, light weight and excellent construction performance

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