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Commencement of aerobic biochemical treatment project of Guitang pulping wastewater

on the morning of October 8, the commencement ceremony of aerobic biochemical treatment project of Guitang pulping wastewater was solemnly held here in the sugar plant of Guitang (Group) Co., Ltd

municipal leaders Tang Chengliang, Huang Yimin, Xiao Meng, Zhang Nan and Zhong Bing, deputy director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the autonomous region, attended the commencement ceremony and cut the ribbon for the commencement of the project

Guitang pulping wastewater aerobic biochemical treatment project is the largest energy-saving and emission reduction project in our city this year, with a total investment of 40.48 million yuan. After the completion of the project, 40000 cubic meters of wastewater will be treated every day, which will greatly affect the market price of Guitang wastewater fine powder by the downstream photovoltaic industry. The COD emission level will be increased from the current 450mg/L to 200mg/L, and the annual COD emission will be reduced by 5900 tons, so as to solve the water pollution problem caused by Bagasse Pulping and papermaking. Achieve the overall goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction and emission reduction; It will play an exemplary role in the similar sewage treatment of bagasse pulp and paper enterprises in Guangxi and even the whole country, and implement energy conservation and emission reduction

Vice Mayor Zhang Nan delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony, expressing warm congratulations on the commencement of the project on behalf of the four municipal teams. He said that as a national advanced enterprise in the comprehensive utilization of resources and a national indicator of circular economy, Guitang played the role of a leading enterprise in sugar production and took the lead in the construction of pulping wastewater treatment projects, which has a great driving role in the city's energy conservation and emission reduction work. The company uses bagasse as the raw material of downstream products to maximize resource utilization and minimize pollutant emission, effectively solving the problem of industrial pollution. It is hoped that Guitang will pay close attention to the project construction and carefully organize the construction, so that the project can be completed and put into use as soon as possible, so as to achieve the goal of reducing COD pollution, and people will gradually pay attention to their own safety issues and pollution discharge. All departments and enterprises should pay close attention to the implementation of various measures, actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote sound and rapid economic and social development

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