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PolyOne Corporation officially celebrated the completion of its vinyl composite plant in Chiling Industrial Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Cleveland, USA. Mr. Li, mayor of Houjie Town, attended the opening ceremony as a VIP guest. PolyOne's attendees included Robert Rosenau, senior vice president and general manager of Geon's high performance polymers department, and Willie Chien, vice president and general manager of Asia's coatings and engineering materials department. PolyOne Dongguan factory was originally a subsidiary of Yixing Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. gradually. This is mainly related to the large amount of extruder imports in the same period last year, with one row discarded and one row increased at a high level. It was acquired by PolyOne in February 2008, renovated and upgraded equipment and trained employees to produce geontm composite materials, improved environmental health and safety (EHS) conditions, and met the EHS standards of China and PolyOne

the establishment of Dongguan workshop can help shorten the transportation time and provide customers with technical support for effective swing rod alignment and vertical marking. Privan currently has six plant sites in China, and the others are:

Shanghai (coatings and additives), Shenzhen (coatings and additives, engineering materials and polymer coating systems), Suzhou (engineering materials), Suzhou (GLS thermoplastic elastomer), Tianjin (coatings and additives)

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