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PolyOne showcases the combination of halogen-free high temperature materials and additive solutions

PolyOne brings many high-performance polymer and colorant solutions to the 7th China International cable and wire Exhibition (wirechina2016). The solutions on display include low smoke halogen-free flame retardant materials and high-temperature oil-resistant and heat-resistant materials, which can solve the problem of product compliance and meet the innovative needs of customers in the wire and cable industry

2. To do the impact test of metal materials, first measure the test thickness according to gb6672. Bartoduplessis, vice president of PolyOne Asia said: "In the face of increasingly stringent regulations and standards, the wire and cable industry has been exploring new technologies for compliance. We are constantly developing new solutions and constantly improving existing solutions to better meet the growing functional needs of our customers. Through unremitting innovation, we optimize and enrich the compliance of our materials and colorants products, so that they have excellent performance, efficiency and durability, so as to better meet the changing needs of Jinan The electrohydraulic servo zigzag experimental machine of time assay instrument Co., Ltd. adopts the market demand of frame potential structure. "

PolyOne's extensive product portfolio includes:

-eccoh? Halogen free formula: it has the characteristics of high flame retardancy, low toxicity and low smoke density

-Syncure? Crosslinked polyethylene: a two-step silane crosslinked polyethylene material (XLPE), which greatly improves the heat resistance and oil resistance

-Maxxam? SY: a halogen-free polypropylene copolymer. By adding pre dispersed foaming agent, the foaming degree can be increased to 60%, which is convenient for processing

-ColorantChromatics? Jiaotong has played a great role in promoting the overall development of China's experimental machine industry. High temperature fluoropolymer colorants: have higher cutting resistance, wear resistance and mechanical strength

- other formulas: it can be used as vinyl, colorant, cross-linked PVDF and fep/pvdf chemical foaming additives to help customers improve mechanical properties, prolong product service life, and improve cost efficiency

it is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development

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