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Xinhua Beijing, November 21 - China has a large amount of solar energy resources, so it has great potential in the purchase process. According to the "green paper on further improving water holding capacity and mechanical strength change in climate: report on coping with climate change" released by the social science literature press in Beijing on the 21st

the green paper points out that the investigation of solar energy resources in China started late, and the analysis results of resource development potential obtained at present still remain in the total amount of resources. The national solar energy resource assessment completed by the China Meteorological Administration in 2010 showed that China's total annual radiation showed a trend of increasing, decreasing and then increasing from northwest to Southeast. In general, the West was more than the East, the plateau was greater than the plain, the inland was greater than the coast, and the dry area was greater than the wet area. According to the green paper of Chongqing lathe, the average annual total radiation in China is about 1500 kwh/m2, and the annual total radiation in most regions is more than 1000 kwh/m2, with about 3% of the regions reaching more than 2000 kwh/m2. Due to the limited budget of Tibet, the southern part of Tibet and the Golmud region of Qinghai are the two high-value centers of China's total horizontal radiation. The maximum value appears in southern Tibet, which is 2140 kwh/m2; Chongqing is the low value center of China's total horizontal radiation, with a minimum of 905 kwh/m2. From the perspective of total resources, the vast majority of China is suitable for the development and utilization of solar energy

according to the green paper, according to the statistics of relevant departments, China's installed capacity of solar thermal power generation will reach about 3000 MW by 2015. According to the cost of photovoltaic system comparable microcomputer automatic transmission experimental setup and experimental data, the total market volume will reach 45billion yuan

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