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Recently, Dr. Liu yuanxuan, President of bofomens, and his delegation came to Jinzhou titanium to conduct technical exchanges and discuss cooperation on the 30000 ton titanium dioxide project under construction. Qi mu, the general manager of the company, met with Liu yuanxuan and his party at CITIC Jintie hotel. Xiao Hanjie, the company's senior executive and general manager of Jinzhou titanium industry, and Liu Changhe, a senior consultant on the basis of implementing the supervision of local governments at all levels, attended the meeting

during the meeting, the two sides introduced relevant information and reached broad consensus on cooperation issues. Confirm to jointly invest and establish an engineering technology company, make use of the technology and talent advantages of both sides, carry out technical consulting, design services, engineering construction and other businesses, and jointly promote the vigorous development of China's Chlorinated titanium dioxide industry

after the establishment of the joint venture, it will expand the business scope and profit of Jinzhou titanium industry, and use al alloyed MoSi2 space. At present, the office space is being prepared

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