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Jinyatuo provides Samsung gear

jinyatuo, a leading manufacturer in the global digital security field, has been providing solutions for Samsung Electronics to help the company launch their latest gear S2 smart watches. Jinyatuo's solution enables users to safely connect to the cellular network. In this way, users can make voice and data calls directly on their wrists, view emails and messages, or use applications, so as to get rid of the shackles of intelligence

the wearable device market is growing rapidly. It is estimated that by 2019, the global shipment volume will exceed 126 million [1]. In order to meet the needs of consumers for a more convenient lifestyle, businesses are launching a number of smart wearable devices. A survey conducted in five countries, including China, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, showed that 56% of smart watch holders said that cellular link was an important consideration when deciding whether to buy a smart watch. [2] Samsung gear S2 adopts a circular design and is equipped with a unique rotating dial. The battery can be used continuously for days, giving customers an arbitrary experience. It is the best choice for daily smooth applications. Users with thermal viscosity will be able to operate safely and stably; Connect in an interesting, safe and personalized way from time to time and anywhere

this is another milestone in our successful cooperation with Samsung after the recent launch of Samsung pay in Europe, said Suzanne Tong Li, President of kinyato Greater China and South Korea. With the development of IOT, the focus of market attention has shifted to intelligent wearable devices with functions beyond reporting and supervision. We will design more innovative products for Samsung to meet the specific needs of the market

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo provides a wide range of solutions for consumer electronic products, including: embedded user identification module (ESIM) that can be installed in wearable devices); An on demand connectivity platform that can be used to activate, shut down, and remotely manage device mobile network applications and related information. Jinyatuo solution series can also be used for management, and then the competition of manufacturers in the industry can make the whole experimental process more smoothly change: the globalization of the world economy has led to more intense competition in the domestic market, and other security information in the equipment, such as payment, enterprise network or the creation of entry trust

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