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The inner and outer packaging production dates of jinmailang instant noodles are different. On the 1st, Mr. Hou from Zhengjia town called this newspaper to report that the production date on the packaging of jinmailang instant noodles he bought was inconsistent with the production date printed on the box. He has reported the situation to the manufacturer many times, but the manufacturer has not given him a satisfactory reply

On the morning of August 1, I saw the instant noodles bought by Mr. Hou. The production date printed on the bag was August 2, 2012, while the production date printed on the instant noodles box was January 30, 2013. Why are the production dates different for the same product? Mr. Hou looked puzzled

Mr. Hou said that some time ago, he bought a box of jinmailang's instant noodles. After eating fourorfive bags, he always felt very uncomfortable. The stomach trouble was very serious. I went to the hospital and had an injection for a few days. At first, I didn't think about this. Later, others asked if I had eaten something that was expired. Then I remembered the date when I came to see instant noodles. Mr. Hou said that as soon as he saw that the date was wrong, he contacted the manufacturer of jinmailang, but the manufacturer has not given him a satisfactory reply

12315 consumer complaints a staff member said that if consumers complain about the manufacturer, they need to call the consumer where the manufacturer is located to complain. If they complain about the local distribution (1) gray cast iron is compressed on the microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, they need the consumption certificate at the time of purchase

The customer service staff of jinmailang said that if the company sells this product, it must have inspected the product. The box and the product are packed at the same time. This situation cannot occur during production. It can be divided into manual control and microcomputer servo control experimental machines; Classification by cylinder position. This situation may be caused by some special reasons after the product was sold. She can't tell the specific reason. Now their company is also investigating this matter. What Mr. Hou bought is indeed the American Standard ASTM E384 product produced by our jinmailang. The company will deal with this problem for him

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