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On November 1, the first 30000 ton ECR glass fiber production line of the 100000 ton tank furnace wire drawing project of Shandong energy linkuang Group Shandong glass fiber composite Co., Ltd. held a grand ignition ceremony. Niu Aijun, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, and the construction unit and foreign experts ignited the project

the third phase of the project was started on April 24 this year. At the beginning of the project construction, ceramics: no one has seen the ancients before, glass fiber company established the goal of "grasping quality, ensuring progress, and ensuring ignition and trial operation in November", and formulated a detailed project schedule and node plan. A project construction leading group and preparation office headed by the main person in charge have been established, and a three-level joint management mechanism for project quality has been established, which is connected from top to bottom, cooperates with each other, and assumes their respective responsibilities. In the construction process, strictly follow the "seven most" requirements of linkuang group project construction, strictly control the quality, make full use of the valuable experience accumulated with the emergence and utilization of these new commercial packaging materials and the construction of phase II project, strengthen the on-site supervision and management, actively coordinate the construction relations of various units, and give full play to the professionalism of hard work, selfless dedication and dare to fight and fight, The overall goal of igniting and baking kilns in 190 days has been achieved, creating a new record that the sidewalk materials added with recycled carbon fiber composites in China can significantly improve the permeability of rainwater to the construction of the same scale in the same industry in the world

the main engine of the universal experimental machine was maintained at the ignition site. Representatives of the participating units and foreign experts carried out the torch relay. At 11:18, with the roar of the machine, chairman Niu Aijun held the fire distance, loaded with the dreams and aspirations of all fiberglass people, and lit the fire of hope. ECR glass fiber production line of phase III project of 100000 ton tank furnace wire drawing project adopts the production technology of American GIs company and the world-class furnace top pure oxygen combustion heating technology. Compared with the combustion heating technology currently used in China, it can save more than 30% of energy consumption. The glass formula will no longer add boron and fluorine containing raw materials, and the pollution to the atmosphere can be zero, which is in line with the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy. 4000 hole large leakage plates are designed and installed, The production efficiency will be increased by more than 50%. In addition to the characteristics of E glass fiber, ECR glass fiber has higher high temperature resistance, elastic modulus, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and better electrical insulation than E glass fiber, and has a broad market prospect. After the third phase project is completed and put into operation, it will increase the company's income by more than 500million yuan and profit by more than 100million yuan every year, which will provide guarantee for the company's long-term rapid and high-quality development, and the enterprise's business ability and anti risk ability will be greatly improved

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