IFLYTEK AI helps epidemic prevention and control

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IFLYTEK artificial intelligence helps epidemic prevention and control

China economic news (Guo Haitao) it shows its true colors at a critical juncture and highlights its responsibility in the face of difficulties. Recently, the alarm switch can be turned off at this time. According to the Management Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, iFLYTEK medical business department quickly established an epidemic research team to use iFLYTEK intelligent medical assistant to analyze medical records, screen potential high-risk patients, popularize epidemic prevention and control knowledge by using intelligent voice outbound call platform, assist in building a grass-roots epidemic defense line, and assist grass-roots doctors in epidemic screening, prevention and control and epidemic prevention knowledge education

it is understood that iFLYTEK intelligent medical assistant program excavates and analyzes the contents of patients' medical records in the six dimensions of fever, cough, dyspnea, epidemiological history (Wuhan related history), imaging and blood routine in the districts and counties covered by iFLYTEK, automatically selects patients with pneumonia similar to novel coronavirus, and the research team issues a special analysis report to relevant units for decision-making and reference

at the same time, iFLYTEK also provided free access to iFLYTEK intelligent medical assistant outbound call platform for provinces and cities that initiated primary response to major public health emergencies during the epidemic. Using AI voice technology, the outbound call platform can tell residents about the prevention and control knowledge of novel coronavirus pneumonia, and track and follow-up key groups, effectively reducing the follow-up burden of medical workers. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to providing technical support, iFLYTEK also donated a price. According to interviews with many people in the industry, it was learned that materials worth 10million yuan can only reach a certain load in Wuhan and the front line of the anti epidemic every time, highlighting the social responsibility of the enterprise

according to the introduction, iFLYTEK settled in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone in 2011 and registered Tianjin iFLYTEK Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to the R & D and sales of machine translation and intelligent education. In September 2017, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and iFLYTEK will provide excellent and perfect after-sales services in accordance with the following terms: further deepen cooperation and jointly build an artificial intelligence industry base of 31000 square meters, which will become a new exploration of innovative cooperation between the two sides. IFLYTEK's relevant person in charge said in an interview that at present, the company will do its best to win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic with all sectors of society. With one heart and one mind, the company will surely overcome the epidemic

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