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On July 16, the 300 ton photovoltaic kiln technical transformation project of Deli special glass Nantong company was completed and an ignition ceremony was held, marking the entry into production of the photovoltaic glass TongZhou Bay production base project invested by Deli group. Qiang Yi, director of the Management Committee of the demonstration zone, attended the event

According to Wang Rongfu, general manager of the company, this project is to upgrade the technology and expand the capacity of the furnace on the basis of the original 250 ton furnace. After the fire and pilot operation, high-quality photovoltaic original products that meet the market demand can be produced around August 10

Deli group was founded in Nantong in 1996, and later moved to Anhui in 1999 due to development needs. It was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. At present, it has developed into the largest glassware manufacturer in China. Photovoltaic power generation is an emerging industry encouraged by the state. Last year, enterprises visited TongZhou Bay and decided to return home to develop and invest 7. 500 million yuan to establish a photovoltaic glass production base

the first phase of the project invested 50million yuan to acquire the new era Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. in the demonstration area, unloaded in the strengthening stage, and resumed production by eliminating backward production capacity and introducing new production lines. The investment of phase II project is about 3. 500million yuan, a photovoltaic glass production and deep processing plant with a capacity of 650t/day will be built in Tongzhou Bay Lingang Industrial Park; The investment and scale of phase III project are the same as that of phase II, and it will be ready for construction next year

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under the internal economic cycle, 20211, temperature: 10 C - ⑶ 5 C in April, China · the width of the test sample will be revised from 60mm to 50mm. The Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities for the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic being effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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