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IFLYTEK helped Bank of Changsha create a new experience of intelligent services

at 12:30 a.m. on August 15, 2019, Bank of Changsha 96511 intelligent voice panoramic navigation service was fully launched, which is another major milestone after the successful launch of the bank's intelligent voice analysis system, marking the successful completion of the first phase of Bank of Changsha intelligent customer service project

as the first regional joint-stock commercial bank in Hunan Province, Bank of Changsha has always adhered to innovation and change, and vigorously promoted the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of customer service. By cooperating with iFLYTEK, a leading AI enterprise in China, and introducing ai+ capability platform, it has realized intelligent voice access to, recording, app, terminal and other channels, and completed the integration with the omni channel customer service system, creating an intelligent customer service system that runs through the whole process and covers all channels

figure intelligent customer service architecture

work together to efficiently complete the project construction

with the full support and cooperation of multiple departments of the Bank of Changsha, the project team carefully organized business process design, worked overtime to develop and test, and opened intelligent voice navigation services to white list users on April 10, 2019

since then, the project team, relying on the professional operation team, and the bank's business experts, have jointly promoted the further opening of the system for external services. Through a large number of dial tests and semantic optimization, the accuracy of intelligent voice navigation continues to improve. On July 10, 2019, the interactive opening service of hydraulic grip jaw keys was realized; Just one month later, by August 14, 2019, intelligent voice panoramic navigation will be open to all users of the bank

figure the joint team of Bank of Changsha and iFLYTEK cooperated and communicated closely

at the same time, iFLYTEK organized business experts to Bank of Changsha for many times to carry out discussions and exchanges, report the project construction and application prospects to the bank's CIO and other senior leaders, describe the construction plan of artificial intelligence of Bank of Changsha in the next few years, and jointly build an AI financial ecosystem

speed up and efficiency increase, fully demonstrating the value of AI application

the first phase of the intelligent customer service project of Bank of Changsha has achieved the improvement of core capabilities and application innovation. The project is based on the ai+3.0 capability platform, and the core capabilities such as speech recognition and synthesis have been improved by 4 percentage points compared with the baseline effect; At the same time, the innovation of the project has realized the combination of multi-channel voice interaction and text quality inspection analysis, which was first launched in Bank of Changsha

in terms of application effectiveness, the first is to realize traffic diversion and improve customer experience. After the full opening of intelligent voice navigation, it covers more than 90% of the business in the original IVR, with a navigation accuracy rate of more than 85%, which can realize about 30% navigation diversion, effectively reducing the waiting time of customer business and improving customer satisfaction

the second is to effectively meet the needs of customer service quality inspection and marketing mining. At present, the intelligent speech analysis system has established 64 application models, with the transcription accuracy of 85% and the model detection rate of more than 80%. At the same time, the city commercial bank completed the quality inspection of the full volume recording and the intelligent scoring function of the seats for the first time, realizing the transformation of the customer service recording of the Bank of Changsha from the traditional manual sampling inspection to the 108 ecological civilization construction of the intelligent party, which has been raised to the overall high quality inspection of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics

third, realize the improvement of Omni channel empowerment. The multi-channel voice interaction platform provides a mature interface scheme. By calling the ai+ capability platform, it realizes the voice access of e-bank app, official account, web and other Omni channels. Customers can use voice to replace the orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises, significantly pick up text input and dialogue with customer service, and greatly improve the service quality and experience of the omni channel customer service system of Bank of Changsha

facing the non sensor is an important part of the pull machine, and jointly build a smart financial benchmark for urban commercial banks.

the successful implementation of the Bank of Changsha project has played a good exemplary role in urban commercial banks in the central and western regions. Under the guidance of the annual construction plan, iFLYTEK will help Changsha bank further deepen the application of artificial intelligence technology in the fields of intelligent outbound calls, intelligent assistants, intelligent knowledge bases, conference systems, etc., create productivity with AI, and create a new benchmark for smart financial services of urban commercial banks

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