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IFLYTEK launched a new generation of intelligent human-computer interaction interface aiui

on August 30, iFLYTEK officially released the industry-leading intelligent human-computer interaction service new interface aiui based on speech synthesis, speech recognition, face recognition and other core technologies, such as automobile steel plate. According to Yu Jidong, general manager of iFLYTEK cloud platform business department, iFLYTEK's new generation of intelligent human-computer interaction services mainly include S-type and spoke generation. Based on the unified interface interaction realized by aiui, iFLYTEK can realize interactive services under different contents and scenarios for users through the combination of dialect recognition, microphone array far-field pickup, voice wake-up, multi wheelset speech and other technologies and various intelligent hardware

whether this investigation is normal; Smooth parts of various equipment 1. Reduce speed and increase output torque. Refuel and smooth upgrade is realized on the basis of iFLYTEK's Super Brain plan proposed by iFLYTEK. According to Huyu, President of iFLYTEK flywheel and President of iFLYTEK Research Institute, iFLYTEK's Super Brain plan hopes to realize the machine from listening to understanding and thinking, that is, perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence. In order to achieve this goal, iFLYTEK has started the road of in-depth learning. From the unified framework of document recognition and processing of image handwriting recognition crdnn-hmm, to RNN iFLYTEK configuration fsmn-rnn (feedforward sequence memory network), and then to iFLYTEK's new configuration dfcnn (deep full sequence convolution neural network), iFLYTEK has built a perceptual intelligence road with iFLYTEK's characteristics, making speech recognition fully enter the era of spectrum reading. In terms of cognitive intelligence, on the technical framework composed of three parts: natural semantic description, language understanding and generation, knowledge expression and reasoning, after the natural semantic description is completed through the technology and modeling at the word, sentence and text levels, the latter two parts are realized based on the attention neural network

in the future, iFLYTEK's iFLYTEK Super Brain plan hopes to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent customer service, intelligent furniture, intelligent city, intelligent medical treatment and health. Now some related projects and products have been launched; In the near future, iFLYTEK hopes that their artificial intelligence will enter everyone's life like water and electricity. If the interconnection of everything is to become a reality, voice will become the rigid demand of human-computer interaction

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