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IFLYTEK and Hainan high court signed a strategic cooperation agreement

on May 22, iFLYTEK and Hainan Higher People's court signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out in-depth cooperation in the research and application innovation of intelligent voice and artificial intelligence technology with the goal of improving judicial efficiency and the application of big data in the court. Dongzhiliang, Secretary of the Party group and President of Hainan high court, liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, zhaozhiwei, vice president, zhangshubin, general manager of the marketing center in Hainan, and other leaders of both sides attended the signing ceremony

iFLYTEK signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hainan Higher People's court

the coating has good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and salt corrosion resistance.

at the signing ceremony, Dong Zhiliang, Secretary of the Party group and President of Hainan high court, said that the introduction of iFLYTEK intelligent speech recognition and large data artificial intelligence technology this time will hopefully solve the contradiction between the current number of cases and small numbers of people in Hainan court, significantly improve the level of information application and improve judicial efficiency. Dong Zhiliang pointed out that the signing and cooperation with iFLYTEK is of great significance. The graphene produced by the traditional mechanical stripping method and oxidation-reduction method is separated from graphite, which marks a solid step towards the goal of promoting the smart court and big data strategy as a whole, and also marks the start of the informatization reform of the court in the process of deepening the pilot work of judicial reform, It will help to improve the scientific and technological content of the trial execution work, and help to realize the modernization of the entire trial system and trial capacity of Hainan court, so as to promote the overall improvement of the informatization level of the court work

zhaozhiwei, vice president of iFLYTEK, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with zhangbozhen, a full-time member of the audit committee of Hainan high court and the future development trend

liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, said that as the leader of China's intelligent speech and artificial intelligence industry, iFLYTEK has always been in an international leading position in the fields of speech synthesis, speech recognition and other technologies. IFLYTEK's AI speech recognition technology will be mainly used in court trials to automatically recognize the speech content of judges, plaintiffs, defendants, suspect, witnesses and other parties into words in real time during the trial. In addition, it will be gradually promoted to judge meetings, trial committee meetings, judge offices, etc., so as to effectively reduce the intensity and pressure of judges' work. Next, iFLYTEK and Hainan court will strengthen cooperation in the fields of intelligent voice trial, artificial intelligence technology application, big data intelligent analysis and application, jointly promote the research of Hainan dialect, Haikou accent Mandarin, Li dialect and other language fields, and further promote the construction of artificial intelligence platform

according to the agreement, the two sides will, guided by the implementation of big data strategy by Hainan court, promote the construction of data court and smart court, and use iFLYTEK intelligent voice, big data intelligent analysis, artificial intelligence and other technologies to jointly create the application mode of data court and smart court with Hainan characteristics, Better improve the efficiency of informatization in serving judges in handling cases, serving mass litigation, and serving trial management, and make greater contributions to promoting the rule of law in Hainan

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accelerate industrial agglomeration to build a smart court, iFLYTEK adheres to the latest industrialized artificial intelligence technology and industry-leading intelligent voice technology, plans the court super brain, combines intelligent voice technology, artificial intelligence technology and court business processes, and develops an intelligent voice court hearing system

at present, in addition to Hainan court, the system is also being tried in 17 high courts and 107 intermediate courts across the country, including the court of the Supreme People's court, the circuit court of the Supreme People's court, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, the Shanghai high court, the Anhui high court, the Guangzhou intermediate court, the Shenzhen Nanshan District Court, the Suzhou intermediate court, and the Suzhou Industrial Park Court. The feedback effect is good, and the software and hardware of the science and Technology Court are seamlessly connected

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