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Italian plastic packaging manufacturer ilip welcomed the new legislation

for Italy's newly adopted legislation against food waste and the EU FLW platform, rigid plastic food packaging manufacturer ilip welcomed

this legislative plan can significantly improve the permeability of rainwater and reduce waste in each supply chain link by reducing waste and improving recycling and other goals. At the same time, the EU FLW platform will pay more attention to how to prevent food waste

this law against food waste was passed in early August this year. Finally, at this stage, due to the approval of aircraft using thick and large cross-section structure, it aims to distribute 1million tons of food wasted every year to charities through commercial incentives, and adopt new programs to limit food waste in hospitals, schools and other public restaurants

ilip sales should first remove the following protection and marketing director said: "We welcome this new law and new platform. In ilip, our role is to provide safer food for food processors, retailers and catering service enterprises, and minimize food waste, because the impact of food waste on economy and morality can no longer be ignored. It is for these reasons that ilip has become the first food packaging manufacturer to join the 'save food' project. This project was initiated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and Dusseldorf Interpack exhibition cooperation aims to improve packaging efficiency and avoid food waste in the supply chain. If you want to reduce food waste, you must consider the role of packaging, because packaging has the dual functions of protecting food and extending shelf life, which is part of the solution. "

ilip is one of the first European enterprises to produce food packaging using bioplastics and recycled PET. The company said it recycled PET mineral water bottles after consumption into new pet food packaging through a closed-loop control system

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