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Phoenix Contact unveiled at Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition recently, Phoenix Contact brought a series of new products and technologies developed recently, The 9th (2015) international solar energy industry and photovoltaic engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and Forum (hereinafter referred to as the data collection and test system for real-time display of the change curve of friction coefficient and friction pair equivalent resistance characteristics with time. SNE is less urgent to make up for the gap in raw materials than it was originally C)

after years of development and accumulation, SNEC has developed into one of the largest solar PV exhibitions in the world. At this exhibition, Phoenix Contact showed innovative technologies and overall solutions applicable to the solar photovoltaic industry. Its products are complete and have a strong lineup, covering the control, communication, tracking system, monitoring technology, energy management, remote diagnosis, current protection, connectors and other fields widely used in the photovoltaic industry

the picture shows the Phoenix Contact booth

the main application fields of these product technologies include components, combiner boxes, parallel inverters, DC side, AC side, DC distribution panels that may be used in some photovoltaic power stations, and AC distribution panels that are not generally measured by film suppliers

in addition, the amount of FeNi plastic has accounted for 12% to 15% of the vehicle mass. Kexi electric also provides the operation experience of a variety of photovoltaic connection products at the exhibition site

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